Building Decks – Valuable Home Improvement

building-decksHome renovations are becoming increasingly popular over the last few years due to the real estate market slump. There are several renovations that you can do that will upgrade your current living conditions while building longterm value for you home. However, there are also curtain “luxuries” that can be very expensive and not add much value at all. So what are the best ways to add a valuable return on your home upgrade? Here’s a few options:

Kitchen Remolding

Some would argue that the most important room in the entire house is the kitchen. I would tend to agree with that, if momma ain’t happy…. ain’t nobody happy.

Bathroom Addition

People love having lots of bathrooms in their homes, what else can we say? Plus it’s cost effective. HGTV estimates that you increase the value of what you spent in a bathroom addition by 80%-130%.

Upgrading Windows

Green is becoming increasingly important as our society grows aware of the importance of conserving energy. Also, who doesn’t like lowering their utilities bill? Their are also tax benefits for making your house green.

Building Decks

Here’s the on we’re all excited about…. building decks! If you make your yard more appealing, your house will be more attractive to potential buyers when you make the decision to move. HGTV also estimates that homeowners recoup 65%-90% of the value of building a deck addition.

Energy Efficient Insulation

This is very attractive element to potential buyers. They want a lower utility bill. Adding insulation around windows, doors, in attic space, and basements can save up a lot of pennies.

If you have an questions about make a home imporovement to your home by building decks, please contact us for more information today!

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