There are many options to consider when considering deck construction. Some people like free standing decks, while other may prefer a deck attached to the side of a house. Second story decks are becoming increasingly popular as well. Deck design styles are various as well: contemporary, colonial, traditional, mountain, coastal, and more.

Deck Construction – size

Here are a few guidelines regarding the size of your deck. First, a deck should not be any bigger than about 20% of the total square footage of the house. Second, there should not be any section of the deck that is larger than the biggest room in the house. Please note these are just general guidelines for deck construction. No one is going to keep your from building a deck that is larger than the norm.

Deck Construction – materials

A lot of people prefer the look and feel of real hardwoods or even softwoods over the artificial texture of man made materials. However, composite materials come with certain benefits. They are often easier to clean and hold up better in inclement weather as well. Some man made materials include aluminum, PVC, and other composite materials.

Deck Construction – features

Believe it or not there are many features that you can include with your deck. Flower boxes are very popular to build into railings and such. If you want to make your deck more suitable for entertaining, consider building in an outdoor kitchen or bar, fire pit, benches, fountains, or even a hot tub!

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