Picking a Deck Contractor

There are many factors to consider when picking out your deck contractor. Price, experience, professionalism, communication, expertise, and many more.


Many people just want to pick the cheapest option first, but this can bring poor results if not thought out well. Price is obviously important, but if it’s the only thing that matters you could end up spending money on a deck that will not last a few years.


No one wants pick a “builder” that has never built a deck before. However, you do not necessarily need the old guy down the street that has 70 years experience either. Try to find a deck contractor that is local. This way they know what your environment conditions are, and have an understanding of weather effects.


Craftsmanship is closely related to professionalism. If you are dealing with a deck contractor that is sloppy in appearance, than he could be sloppy in his craftsmanship. Attention to detail is very important when building decks. Other forms of professionalism like missing or not returning phone calls and lack of communication are often red flags that should be raised in your mind.

All of the characteristics listed above should be balanced and combined to find a good deck contractor. It is important to find a professional company, with good experience, and a reasonable price to create the best value for you as a customer.

Why Choose JRP Construction?

We pride ourselves in all of the areas listed above. We provide excellent attention to detail, professionalism, local knowledge, and a price that is competitive with the market. If you would like to see our work, please visit our deck gallery. To get a free quote on your deck today, call us at 907.232.9763 today!

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