Deck Foundations

Types of Deck Foundations

There are several types of deck foundations, each one can be used depending on the circumstances or type of deck being built. This article will give you an overview of the types of deck foundations, and explain the benefits of each one.
deck foundation footings

Tube Pier

One of the benefits to making a tube pier deck foundation is that it requires less soil disruption than other foundation methods. To build these foundations, you plant cardboard tubing into the ground and then fill them with concrete. Required depth and width will vary depending on the size of the deck you are planning to build.

Bell Pier

Bell pier foundations are typically used for building large structures like bridges, tall buildings, and others. One would typically use bell piers to support concrete slab foundations. However, you could easily use this for a strong deck foundation if desired.

Buried Post and Footing

This method is the most popular foundation method among building decks. This method requires pouring about 12 inches of concrete into a deep hole in the soil. Then after the first layer of concrete is dry, you place the posts into the hole so they rest on the concrete slab. Then you back-fill the hole with soil and make the post plumb with a level. This method requires less concrete than other methods, but is a very secure deck foundation as well.

Pier and Footing

This method is less popular among deck builders, as it requires lots of concrete and takes more time than other typical foundations. It is similar to the buried post and footing method, but different in that instead of burying treated lumber you would actually put a tube pier on top of the 12 inch concrete base.

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