Decks are used all around the world for many different purposes. Some of the purposes include: shipping docks, restaurants, luxurious hotels, residential homes and many more. If you are considering building one, it is important to think about several different things first before making the decision of size, costs, and builder. This article will go into the details a little further for you.


There are many different types of decks, as well as many material options to consider. Environment plays a major roll in the decision process of choosing decking materials. Most decks are made from weather treated lumber. However, some decks consist of different forms of plastics, fiberglass, concrete, steel, and a few others. Historically, early decks in America were often made from softwoods like Atlantic Cedar, Redwoods, Redcedar. Eventually cedars began to decline because of scarcity issues. This led to a popularity in pressure treated pine. Pressure treated woods are chemically altered to withstand harsh environments that become wet and icy. Because of environmental red flags, a new type of decking called composite has been on the rise. Composite is a mixture of wood pulp and various plastics. There are several downfalls to composite decking such as molding issues, and it cannot be refurbished.

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JRP Construction Rounded Deck

Types of Decks

Decks can come in a variety of shapes and sizes. To see some examples, just click here to see our galleries. You can choose to have your structure built in many shapes and sizes. Basically, we can help you choose the right design to help reflect your own personality and style. Shape isn’t everything to think about either; other possibilities like multi-level options, color and size can tend to make decisions difficult.

Why choose JRP Construction?

There are several reasons to have JRP Construction build your deck. The first is quality. We guarantee that you will be beyond satisfied with our building quality. Second is customer service. You will find that our client communication is critical to the success of our business. If you would like more information about receiving a quote, please contact us.

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