retaining wallsRetaining walls can be used for multiple purposes. People build retaining walls to create level areas in a front or back yard. You can take control of your terrain and create many different landscape designs using retaining walls.

Retaining Wall Materials

You can use a variety of materials for building retaining walls. If you want to see examples of creative ways to construct walls, just click here to see our gallery. Rock and stone of very popular building materials for attractive or more luxurious walls. Some people prefer to use wood or logs to provide a more rustic look. You can also use both wood and stone for the same project. It all just depends on what your personal style is.

Block System Retaining Walls

Here is a short tutorial for building your simple retaining wall.

Dig the trench

The first step is to dig a trench for the foundation of your retaining wall. You will need to use a flat shovel in order get a flat and level ground. Be sure to dig your trench at least 4 inches deep for small retaining walls, but deeper for much larger walls. Then use a tamp to compress the dirt after digging the trench. Finally, fill with a few inches of leveling soil or gravel.

Laying the Blocks

Lay your first block and make sure it is level on front to back and side to side. Continue to lay the foundation with each block pressed against the adjoining block. Lay the block in a “staggered” manor for the second row. Each block should be resting on the TWO block beneath it. Finish the wall by placing capstones along the top if you need them. For further demonstration, see the video below.

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