Staining a deck

deck-staining1. Don’t Rush The Process

There is no reason to rush the deck staining process. It is important to let your deck sit for several months before applying any stain or finishes. The lumber needs to weather and dry out thoroughly. It is never a good idea rush staining a deck, it usually ends with mistakes being made.

2. Prepare Well

Make a well thought out plan. Do you research first to find the best deck stains and finishes before you actually stain the deck. Part of the preparation is cleaning the deck before you begin staining it. You can find wood cleaner at your closest Home Depot or Lowes, it will remove any dirt, mildew, or graying from the sun.

3. Brighteners Can Be Beautiful

Before you stain the deck, consider applying a wood brightener. A wood brightener will open the surface of the wood make it easier for the stain to penetrate the wood. It also restores wood to it’s original appearance, if the wood has been sitting for too long.

4. Invest In A Good Product

It’s one of the oldest principals to consider when buying any product, and it’s also one of the truest…. you get what you pay for. This step is probably one of the most important, don’t buy the cheapest wood stain.

5. Follow Deck Stain Directions Carefully

Every deck stain is different, and some of them require different conditions for application. If you have to, wait for proper weather conditions are projected for several consecutive days.

6. Apply Stain With Care

More is not always the best choice. Your deck will look best if you apply a semitransparent stain. This will allow for the natural wood grain to show through, but it also helps with deck maintenance as well. If you apply too much wood stain, then a film can slowly form, which will not let the wood breathe properly.

7. Paint Brushes Are Great Applicators

There are so many ways to apply stain to a deck, but paint brushes are still the best way to go. Using a spray gun or a roller are also popular methods of application. However, no matter what method you choose to stain with, always keep a paint brush handy. It will work the stain deep into the pores of the wood.

8. Maintain Your Deck

Little effort can go a long way maintaining your deck. All you need to do is simply wash your deck occasionally to keep dirt and leaves off. This will help keep your deck looking sharp and always ready for use. Also, you can reapply wood brightener to help keep your deck shining as well.

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